Business Continuity Plan
For Branch CAZ
Sierra Ridge Wealth Management, LLC
1435 River Park Drive, Suite 504
Sacramento, CA 95815

If a significant business disruption occurs, your representative, and Sierra Ridge Wealth Management will implement various strategies to quickly recover and resume business operations. We have taken safeguards to protect your data through back-ups and recover, to protect your confidential information and provide for an alternative physical location for operations.

If you are unable to reach us due to a significant business disruption, please contact our broker-dealer NEXT Financial Group. Inc. at 713-789-7122, option 0 or visit NEXT’s emergency information webpage at http://emergency.nextfinancial .com. You may also contact our branch office in Sacramento, CA at 916-891-2557

If you are unable to reach us at our branch office, by advisor or Next and require immediate assistance with our accounts you may contact Pershing directly at 201-413-3635.

Also, we ask that you please leave us a message on our voice-mail system as we will be monitoring our messages regularly.
Sierra Ridge Wealth Management, LLC is committed to efficiently and effectively servicing your investment needs and wish to provide assurance that you are our first priority.

You May also Contact the Owners directly:
Giancarlo Foti 415-272-0557
James Slaughter 530-220-0843

Office manager:
Melissa Smentek-916-308-8336

Richard DeBono-916-718-3943
Carl D’Agostini-707-934-5368
Chuck Roberts-707-628-1723
Chris Simpson-916-588-7631
Hunter Lowry-520-904-8257
Pamela Rodrigiez-916-745-5783
Steven MacNear-530-574-5907