Four common mistakes people make when hiring a Financial Advisor

July 30, 2019

I recently met with a 26-year-old single woman with zero dependents. She makes $75,000 a year and was sold a $5,000,000 overfunded permanent insurance policy where her annual premiums are $26,000. Without going into all the details, I can confidently say this woman was taken advantage of by an insurance-slinging salesperson who calls themself a … Read More

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Is it time to hire a Financial Advisor Assistant?

July 19, 2019

A good financial advisor assistant is worth their weight in gold. That being said, it is not always economically feasible to hire an assistant early on in one’s career. Building a financial advising practice is like building any other business. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to make it. You must be … Read More

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